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Installation Capacity.

The first phase of the site is dedicated to prepare Topical semi solid preparations like ointments, creams and lotions in one block and have a separate block for preparation of non beta lactum tablets and capsules at Blantyre in the Maone industrial area. Also having a full fledged Research and quality control division

The second phase of the site will have non sterile pharmaceutical formulations of Beta lactam facility to prepare tablets and capsules.

The first phase of the facility have a built in area of 4800 sq.metres on a 10 Hectare plot conforming to the global regulatory requirements. CPRL is intending to produce the following categories of Pharmaceutical dosage forms for the Malawi and Export markets:

Non-Betalactum Ointment/Lotions/Oral Division Single Shift Operation (Phase 1)

i) Tablets: 720 Million/year
ii) Capsules: 125 Million/year
iii) Ointment, Creams& Lotions 1 million /year

Betalactum Division: (Phase 2- Planned to start from January 2018)

i) Tablets: 150 Million/year
ii) Capsules: 250 Million/year
iii) Dry Syrup : 8 Million/year

Cosmetic Division

The company started a cosmetic division, which is already well accepted in the market and also exporting to neighbouring countries.

Currently the cosmetics division supplying Glycerine, Petroleum Jelly, Body Lotion, Body Cream, Camphor Cream, Methylated Spirit, Cotton Wool, Mosquito Net in Malawi and other neighbouring countries.

The products are approved by Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) with following output capacity

i. Glycerine 5 million bottles /year
ii. Petroleum Jelly 5 million bottles /year
iii. Body Lotion 1 million bottles/year
iv. Body Cream 1 million bottles/year
v. Camphor Cream 1 million bottles/year
vi. Candles 1 million/year
vii. Baby Products; Baby jelly, Baby powder and Baby oil
viii. Methylated Spirit 5 million bottles /year
ix. Hair Oil 5 million bottles /year
x. Floor Cleaners 1 million bottles/year
xi. Scourer 1 million bottles/year
xii. Bleach 1 million bottles/year

Research and Development

The company has an independent Research and Development department (R&D) to formulate new drug molecules. This facility is the first of its kind in Malawi, which has opened up opportunities for young research scientists and scholars in Malawi to transform their knowledge to new drug molecules. The company is planning to have a tie-up with the Department of Pharmacy, College of Medicine and Blantyre for formulation and development of new drug molecules.

Range of Customers

CPRL shall service all range of customers that include the Ministry of Health, Central Medical Stores, General public, Mission Hospitals, Private Hospitals and Non-governmental organizations. The company shall export products to regulated markets such as UK and South Africa, and to Semi regulated and non-regulated markets as well.

Plant Layout and Specific Requirements

To make a WHO-GMP compliant manufacturing facility, the plant must be located in a non-polluted green area. The plant has been designed and constructed as per the guidelines of WHO-GMP (World Health organization’s Good Manufacturing Practices) and MHRA, UK.

Certification and Regulatory Accreditions

On the international scene, the facility will be certified by WHO, MHRA, MCC and TGA. Locally, the facility will be certified by Pharmacy, Medicines and Poisons Board (PMPB) of Malawi.

Cost of the Project

The Total cost of the project is approximately US$ 21 Million. Already invested 12 million US$ for the first phase of the Project.

Why We are Different

We have a fully equipped and functional Research and Development Department. This facility is the first of its kind in Malawi!

OUR Team

Our team boosts of qualified and exeprienced individuals.

Mr. Vijay Kumar

Group Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Parvinder Singh

Director of Marketing & Sales

Mr. Balakrishnan

B. Pharm
General Manager

Mr. John Robert Singh

B. Pharm, MS
Head of Production

Mr. Magesh

M. Pharm

Mr. Mohandass

Head of Quality Control

Mr. Chifundo Kunje

Dip. Business Administration
Head of HR/Admin